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The Professional Association of Legal Services (PALS)

Ensuring continuity of service to its members' clients 



In an ever changing world there is always a fear of uncertainty when buying goods and services with any sort of future delivery. The legal sector is no different and when choosing a provider of such services it is essential that the consumer has peace of mind that in the unlikely event that things should go wrong, they will be protected. 


The formation of an established and financially secure organisation to protect clients in the event of their individual provider being unable to deliver the services they have provided. This is PALS. 



What Is PALS? 

PALS was formed in 2002 to address the gap in the regulation of the independent legal services industry whereby there was no protection for the clients of companies who may cease to trade without a commercial successor. This situation potentially left the client vulnerable to losing contact with their Wills and other services they had bought.


For almost 20 years PALS has been providing security and peace of mind to the clients of its members by guaranteeing the continuity of services purchased from it’s members.

Who It Represents

PALS membership is made up of the leading Legal Services companies in the UK.

With hundreds of individual advisors under the umbrella of the largest companies in the industry, PALS represents in the region of 70% of the Wills written in the independent legal services sector.


It’s members are committed to client satisfaction and strive to be market leaders in providing protected services for their clients.

Aims and intentions

The aim of PALS is to provide reassurance and protection to clients so they can buy with certainty in an uncertain world.

Care For The Client 

In the unlikely event of a PALS member not being able to provide the services to which its clients are entitled, the remaining companies within the organisation undertake to provide those services at no additional charge to the client.

What It Is Not

PALS is not a regulatory body and as such is not in a position to address complaints regarding its individual members or their representatives.

PALS will however try and resolve any issues or disputes between its members and their clients where possible.


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  • Aegis Wills

  • Affinity Chosen Inheritance

  • Affinity Legal Services

  • Affinity Wills Ltd

  • Affinity Wills Services

  • Affinity Willsafe

  • Britannia Wills

  • Central Wills

  • Chambers Secure Storage

  • Chambers Will Services

  • Chancery Wills

  • Elm (Legal Services) Ltd

  • Finders Genealogists Ltd

  • Kings Court Trust Corporation

  • Legal & Contract Services Ltd

  • Legal & Contract Services (Northwest) Ltd

  • Legal Services Probate Ltd

  • Steele Rose and Co Ltd

  • The Essex Will Centre

  • The Will Centre

  • Trust Inheritance Ltd

  • WDS Associates Legal Services

  • Willsafe Essex


Voluntary regulation is provided to the legal services sector through a number of bodies. Any matters that cannot be resolved through direct contact with the individual company may be taken up with their respective regulatory organisation.

Please contact your individual provider for details of which regulatory organisations they are members of.

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What PALS will do for the client

  • PALS will provide continuity of service to its members clients giving them peace of mind when they purchase goods and services from its members.

  • When dealing with a member of PALS you can be assured that the services you have purchased are backed by a reputable and established organisation which has many years experience behind it.

  • You have the benefit of being looked after by the largest organisation of its type and will benefit from its seamless processes so should its services ever be needed it will be as if nothing had ever changed.

  • PALS membership is limited to those companies with a proven track record in the legal services industry so you know you are dealing with a reputable established and secure company.




When choosing a provider of legal services, clients should always be assured they are dealing with a well established secure and competent organisation. Membership of PALS is a signal of reassurance to your clients that they have made the right choice and have the peace of mind that PALS protection brings.

Membership criteria:

  • Proven experience in the legal services profession

  • Provide name of PALS member who is proposing you or one professional reference

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (copy of certificate to be sent with application)

  • Strong financial base (please provide one years completed accounts)

  • Passing criminal record check (CRB)

  • At discretion of the Executive Committee

  • All membership will be granted on a one year probationary period

Join PALS​

Please download and fill in application form and CRB forms (per owner/partner/director) and send it with a copy of your professional indemnity certificate, one years completed accounts and your cheque made payable to PALS.

Member Benefits 

Why should your company be a member of PALS? 



Staff Confidence

Client Protection 

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To view or download the constitution please click the 'Download' button below.




Due to PALS being a non-profit organisation we aim to keep staff costs to an absolute minimum. If you find it necessary to contact the Secretary please use the following methods.

Thank You for Contacting PALS!

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